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Write your story anew, tell the world, change the world. 

Little Tales of Nature

Art & Design studio

Step into our creative world of Little Tales of Nature. Our small team of designers and artists focuses on guiding you on your journey to a thriving and unforgettable creative business and supports all of your artistic endeavors. We’re your partners in crafting creative projects that flourish beyond imagination. We believe in nurturing the seeds of your ideas and helping them grow into thriving projects. Our commitment is to empower your vision and together embark on a journey that might just change your life forever.

The Cycle of Creativity



Tell The Story.


"There is no greater power on earth than storytelling."

The power lies in taking someone on a journey with you and leaving them with an open heart and open eyes. Your story has the power to change the direction of someone else’s story. Storytelling broadens our horizon, inspires us and most importantly of all, it connects us.

The values we live by

With Little Tales of Nature we focus on storytelling that is relatable, authentic and inspiring. Our stories open doors to a new world filled with possibilities.


Our design is based on natural principles then there is no better designer than nature herself.


Through authentic storytelling & design we build a bridge between people, stories and possibilities.


Beauty is everywhere in nature, in people and in stories. Everyone is drawn to beautiful stories.


Stories inspire people and spark creativity. A story is inspirational when it sparks something that has been long lost.

Logos, Websites, Illustrations & More

Web Design

We craft more than just websites – we create digital experiences that authentically tell the story of your business. With a commitment to excellence in design, we transform your vision into a modern online presence. Our websites are tailored to embody your unique story and fostering a deeper connection with your audience. Let us build you a digital platform that not only looks remarkable but also speaks volumes about your brand’s identity.

Branding & Logo Design

Introducing our branding and logo service, dedicated to creating a brand with heart. We specialize in crafting modern and naturally inspired designs that infuse your brand identity with a fresh breath of authenticity. With us, your brand won’t just stand out – it will flourish with an organic visual story that leaves a lasting impression.

Children's Book Illustrations

Step into the wonderful world of our children’s book illustration, where we pour our hearts into every detail. With a genuine touch and a keen eye for the smallest details, we weave stories that young readers will adore. Our illustrations bring to life not only beautiful imaginary landscapes but also relatable characters that inspire and uplift. Join us in creating cherished moments of wonder and joy for little readers.

Graphic Design

We’re here to turn your ideas into stunning visual stories, whether it’s for books, magazines, clothing, stationery, or anything else you can imagine. Our passion lies in crafting designs that truly connect – from your brand’s identity to the heart of your audience. Let’s collaborate and bring your visions to life in the most captivating and personal way.


We’re all about crafting packaging that doesn’t just wrap your products, but also shares a story. Whether it’s boxes for treasures or labels for that personal touch, every design detail is carefully considered. We create a wide range of product packaging design, from food boxes to skincare dropbottles and more.

Photo Editing

We don’t just enhance images – we craft visual stories. With an eye for colors, composition, and focus, we collaborate closely to bring your photos to life in the most captivating way.

Storytelling & Writing

We love to write stories that connect people and make this world just a little bit better. We combine our skills of emotional intelligence, communication, imagination and creativity to craft stories that others can deeply relate to – thus creating a story that is worth sharing.

“Tell me the facts and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth and I’ll believe. But tell me a story and it will live in my heart forever.”

Creative self-expression through storytelling and art is the path of a free soul, an awakened spirit.

Our mission

Little Tales of Nature is a creative studio that embraces and harnesses the wisdom and beauty of nature and creates digital masterpieces supported by sustainability and the changes of time.

We bridge the gap between dreams and reality, transform stories into enchanting visual tales and turn imagination into wondrous designs.

At Little Tales of Nature, we embark on a unique journey with every project. We believe in the power of storytelling, each of our design resonates with the rhythm of the natural world.

The future lies in the hands of creatives and storytellers that share their message through creativity in harmony with the earth and the natural world.

We support the seekers, the dreamers, and the visionaries yearning for a life of freedom and purpose, helping them transition from merely existing to authentically living. Through our natural and timeless designs, we encourage creatives to share their story with the world, not just as a tale, but as a vibrant work of art.

In our modern age life has become so complex that we have forgotten how to recognize the magic of slow living, the harmony and beauty found in our natural world. It is our mission to bring back a sense of wonder and enchantment through our designs and storytelling.

At Little Tales of Nature, our mission is to carve a path of lasting value in the creative landscape, where every design is a testament to the wonders of nature, fostering creativity in harmony with the earth.

Create Your Success Story

Our Creative Studio Packages

The Complete Branding Package

Together we will create an authentic and outstanding brand and visual identity for your business including a main logo, alternative logo, colors, fonts, mockups, templates, high-quality elements and more. Included is 1 design concept, 1 revision and mockups.

Project Timeframe: 2 weeks


Little Tales Web Design Studio

Your business deserves an unparalleled website and online presence that represents your values and creative endeavors in the world. This package includes a one month collaboration where we will craft a unique and fully optimized website with one start page and 3-5 sub pages.

Project Timeframe: 1 month

from € 0

Children's Book Illustration

Children’s books are a kind of magic, igniting their imagination and nurturing the seeds of empathy and understanding that will shape children into tomorrow’s thinkers and dreamers. We will create unique and hand-drawn illustrations for your children’s book (12-16 illustrated spreads + front and back)

Project Timeframe: 3 months


The Social Media Marketing Kit

Our transformative Social Media Marketing Kit isn’t just a service; it’s a tool for scaling your business, connecting you with a wider audience, and nurturing lasting customer relationships. Elevate your business journey with our monthly contribution of creativity, strategy and virtual assistance, driving unparalleled growth and success. Pause or cancel any time.

Monthly Subscription

0 /month

All-In-One Creative Suite Membership

Unleash the full business potential with our All-In-One Creative Suite Package. A comprehensive monthly membership that encompasses logo design, branding, graphic and web design, children’s book illustration, social media marketing and so much more. A designboard for unlimited requests, all with lightning-fast delivery. Pause or cancel any time.

Monthly Subscription

0 /month

The Single Creative Project Kit

Our Single Project Package is designed to deliver quality design in just one week. Whether it’s a packaging design or a captivating web design, we’re here to make beautiful design accessible. This kit is for one project completed in one week. A designboard for unlimited requests, all with lightning-fast delivery (average 1-2 days). Multiple week packages possible.

Project timeframe: 1 week

0 /week

What we do in our creative studio

Web Design

Web Development

App Development

Shop Design
& Setup

Children's Illustrations

Social Media Graphics



Photo Editing

Logos & Branding

Design Systems

& more

Looking for something a little more custom?

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us with your vision, budget and timeframe, and we’ll be in touch with a solution that we think could work for you.

Design Specialists

Your Dream becomes ours

Experienced Artists & Designers

We’re with you from start to the realized project. Your heart’s project becomes ours and we will create a masterpiece together.

Your Own Team of Specialists

You will have a custom-made team of specialists to fit your needs. Design, illustration, templates, social media marketing or videography – the choice is yours.

Simple & Fast Communication

We are here to make design easy and accessible to every creative and (aspiring) business owner. A design-board makes requesting and delivering easy and fast.

Our Success Stories

Recent Work

With you every step of the way

Starting your own creative business is a life-changing and sometimes scary decision, we know. That's what we are here for. We will be by your side from getting clarity on the message you want to share, the story you want to tell, the design of your brand to the creation of your content and the launch of your creative business.

Our Little Tales of Nature Forest

At Little Tales of Nature, we are not just sowing the seeds of creativity but also the seeds of sustainability. For every customer and client who joins our creative journey, we plant trees around the world, nurturing our very own Little Tales of Nature forest. As your ideas take root and flourish, so do the trees, ensuring that our commitment to nurturing both artistry and the environment remains unwavering, creating a greener, more vibrant world for all to enjoy.

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Trees Planted

I am Helena

Hey, I’m happy you are here. Let me tell you a little bit about myself: I am passionate in everything creativity and design, feel mostly inspired by nature and it’s laws and I started this creative agency to give all of my passions expression. Let it be storytelling, web design, illustration or filmmaking, I find joy in all of these creative endeavors.

One of my favorite quotes is: “The creative adult is the child who survived.” – Ursula K. Le Guin

With my brand Little Tales of Nature I encourage and support people to tell their own stories in an empowering way, because there is nothing more powerful than building a real connection with all of life through storytelling.

If you want to learn more about me research: Scanner-Personality.